Arrma Big Rock 3s Upgrades – Make an Awesome Truck even more Awesome

So you’ve got a Big Rock and you wanna improve it!! Well its possible, even though its already one of the best 1/10 Bashers out there.

Check out the following upgrades:

  • Hot Racing +10mm offset hex extensions and 17mm adapter. The BRCC has a tendency to traction roll when turning.
  • Proline badlands whees and tires. I did blow my dboots apart. The badlands also help with the width problem and give it some more rotational mass for sweet flips bro!
  • Better body clips as I hate the stock ones with a passion. My feeble fingers are too sore….
  • Sealed bearing kit from Plaig bearings in Australia. Fast eddy are good too but hard to get in Australia. This was because when opening the motor case I was shocked at how rusted the stock bearings were and I didn’t go crazy in mud or water.
  • A 13T pinion mainly just for mucking around with and to keep the motor temps down.
  • Hot Racing Aluminium motor mount. This was just a personal thing as I wanted to mick around with the mesh and Pinion options.
  • 25kg Amazon servo
  • Typhon 3S turnbuckles (6 x 4x48mm)