Arrma Notorious V3 vs V4: Which One is the Ultimate Beast?

The Arrma Notorious Line: A Brief Overview

The Arrma Notorious line is one of the most popular and highly regarded RC monster trucks on the market today. These beasts are known for their impressive speed and power, rugged design, and excellent performance both on and off-road.

The Notorious line has been a favorite of RC enthusiasts for years, with each new iteration bringing exciting new features and upgrades. If you’re looking for a high-performance RC monster truck that can handle just about any terrain you throw at it, the Arrma Notorious line is definitely worth checking out.

But which version should you choose? That’s where things get interesting.

Teaser for the Upcoming Comparison between V3 and V4

In this article, we will be taking an in-depth look at two of the most recent versions of the Arrma Notorious line: the V3 and V4 models. We’ll examine each truck’s design, features, performance capabilities, user feedback, and more.

But first, let me be clear about something: I have some strong opinions when it comes to these trucks. I’ve been an RC enthusiast for over a decade now, and I’ve owned my fair share of monster trucks.

And while I won’t deny that both the V3 and V4 are excellent machines in their own right – they each have their own strengths – there’s no doubt in my mind which one comes out on top. So buckle up, folks – we’re about to dig deep into what makes these two machines tick.

The Design Differences between Both Models: Innovation or Stagnation?

Let’s start by talking about design. The main thing that sets the V4 apart from its predecessor is its slightly modified chassis. The V4 features a “Super 6” aluminum chassis that’s been designed to be more lightweight and durable than the V3’s composite chassis.

This modification, according to Arrma, makes the V4 more agile and easier to control. But here’s the thing: I’m not convinced that this modification was necessary.

Sure, it’s nice to have a chassis that’s lightweight and durable – but the V3 already had a pretty solid design. In fact, I’d argue that the composite chassis actually helped to give the V3 its distinctive look and feel.

Furthermore, while some people might appreciate the slightly modified design of the V4, I think it ultimately feels like a step backward rather than forward. The Super 6 chassis may be an improvement in terms of performance, but it takes away from what made the Notorious line so unique in the first place.

Performance Comparison between Both Models: Is Bigger Always Better?

Of course, when it comes down to it, what really matters is performance. And there’s no denying that both the V3 and V4 are absolute beasts when it comes to speed and power.

The main difference between these two machines in terms of performance is their size. The V4 is larger overall than its predecessor – longer, wider, and taller.

This means that it has more ground clearance and can handle rough terrain even better than before. But here’s my take on this: bigger isn’t always better.

Sure, there are some advantages to having a larger RC monster truck – but at a certain point you start sacrificing maneuverability and control for sheer size. And for me personally, I’d rather have a machine that feels nimble and responsive on all terrain types than one that can plow through anything but feels clunky while doing so.

User Feedback on Both Models: Can You Trust What Others Say?

Of course, it’s not just my opinion that matters – there are plenty of other RC enthusiasts out there who have tried both the V3 and V4 and come to their own conclusions. So what are people saying about these two machines? Well, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

On one hand, there are plenty of people who swear by the V4 and say that it’s hands-down the best RC monster truck they’ve ever owned. On the other hand, there are also plenty of folks who think that the differences between the V3 and V4 are minimal at best – and that you’re better off saving your money and sticking with the older model.

Personally, I think that user feedback can be helpful when making buying decisions – but I also think it’s important to take everything with a grain of salt. Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to RC vehicles, and what works for one person might not work for another.

The Price Comparison between Both Models: Is It Worth It?

Let’s talk about price. As you might expect, the V4 is more expensive than its predecessor – sometimes significantly so depending on where you’re shopping.

So this raises an important question: is it really worth shelling out extra cash for the newer model? Again, this ultimately comes down to personal preference.

If you’re looking for top-of-the-line performance and don’t mind paying extra for it, then sure – go ahead and spring for the V4. But if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that still delivers impressive speed and power, then I’d say stick with the tried-and-true V3.

So which one is right for you? Well, stay tuned – because in our next section we’ll be taking a deep dive into performance comparisons between these two models to help answer that very question.

The Notorious V3

Design and features of the V3 model

The Arrma Notorious V3 is a beast of an RC truck with a bold and aggressive design. The body shell features a rugged, monster-truck look with large fenders and oversized wheels. The truck measures in at about 21 inches in length, 16.9 inches in width, and 10.6 inches in height, making it one of the larger RC trucks on the market.

The V3 features a composite roll cage that provides additional protection to all the internal components from debris during high-speed runs and jumps. The waterproof electronics make it easy to take this truck practically anywhere you want without worrying about damage from water exposure.

Performance capabilities and limitations

The Arrma Notorious V3 is no slouch when it comes to performance capabilities. With an impressive top speed of up to 60mph out of the box, this truck can leave other RC trucks in its dust.

However, there are some limitations that come with such a powerful machine. One limitation is its weight; weighing in at over eight pounds means that there may be some difficulty with maneuvering around tight corners or smaller spaces due to its size.

Speed and power

When it comes to speed and power, the Arrma Notorious V3 does not disappoint. It features a brushless motor that delivers up to 6S LiPo battery power for an impressive top speed of up to 60mph out of the box. This powerful motor also allows for some incredible acceleration times when pulling off stunts like backflips or other tricks.


The suspension on the Arrma Notorious V3 is designed for maximum performance on rough terrain or during high-speed runs. It features oil-filled shocks that provide excellent shock absorption and stability on jumps. The V3 also features a unique front suspension design that helps to keep the wheels planted during high-speed runs and sharp turns.


Durability is key when it comes to RC trucks, and the Arrma Notorious V3 is built to last. With its composite roll cage, waterproof electronics, and heavy-duty construction, this truck can take a beating and keep on going.

However, some users have reported issues with certain components like driveshafts or axles needing replacement after extended use. It’s essential to keep up with regular maintenance to ensure that your V3 stays in top shape for all your RC adventures.

User feedback and common issues

Overall, users seem very satisfied with the Arrma Notorious V3. Many love its power and speed capabilities as well as its rugged design. However, some common issues have been reported with parts needing replacement after extended use or rough handling.

One particular area of concern has been the stock tires; many users recommend upgrading the tires for better traction on different terrains like dirt or sand. However, these are relatively minor concerns compared to the overall performance capabilities of this incredible RC truck.

The Notorious V4

Upgrades and Improvements from the V3 Model

Arrma has brought out a new version of their Notorious line, the V4, which boasts some impressive upgrades and improvements over its predecessor, the V3. Let’s dive into what has changed.

Chassis Design

The first thing to note is that the chassis design of the Notorious V4 has been completely reworked. It now uses a low center-of-gravity (LCG) design that allows for better cornering and overall stability. The material used in the chassis also seems to have been upgraded since it appears to be more durable than what was used in the V3 model.

Drivetrain Enhancements

The drivetrain of the Notorious V4 has also received some upgrades compared to its predecessor. One major change is that it now comes with an all-metal gear differential instead of plastic. This helps increase durability and reduces maintenance needs over time.

Electronics Upgrades

Perhaps one of the biggest changes in this new version is in its electronics upgrades. The Notorious V4 now comes with an improved motor that provides more power and speed than ever before. Additionally, it features a new 150-amp ESC (electronic speed controller) that can handle higher voltages and current loads without overheating or burning out.

Performance Comparison to the V3 Model

Now let’s compare how these upgrades have affected performance when compared with its predecessor, the Notorious V3.

Speed and Power Improvements

The most notable improvement in terms of performance between these two models is undoubtedly speed and power. The Notorious V4 now boasts top speeds exceeding 60 mph which is nearly 10 mph faster than its predecessor. This is thanks to the new motor and ESC upgrades.

Suspension Upgrades

The Notorious V4 has also received some suspension upgrades that help improve its handling and cornering capabilities. The new LCG design of the chassis, combined with upgraded shocks and sway bars, contribute to a smoother ride overall.

Durability Enhancements

In terms of durability enhancements, the Notorious V4 has improved over its predecessor due to the all-metal gear differential, which helps reduce wear and tear on the drivetrain over time. Additionally, it seems like the stronger material used in the chassis holds up better against crashes and other forms of impact.

User Feedback on the New Features

While it’s great to read about all these improvements and upgrades, what do users actually have to say about them? From what I’ve read online, most people seem really happy with these changes. Users are praising Arrma for listening to their feedback and making improvements where they were needed.

Many users specifically appreciate the improved speed performance of this new model as well as its smoothness when driving at high speeds. Furthermore, most people agree that durability has been improved significantly, making this a more reliable option for those who like pushing their RC vehicles to their limits.

Overall, I think Arrma has done an excellent job improving upon an already great RC vehicle with its Notorious V4 model. Whether you’re a hardcore enthusiast or just looking for a fun hobby-grade RC vehicle that can handle rough terrain effectively – this one should definitely be on your list!

The Showdown: Comparing the Two Models Head-to-Head

Design Differences between both models.

Arrma is a brand that has always stood out for its incredible design, and both the Notorious V3 and V4 models are no exception. However, when it comes to the design differences between these two models, there are some notable features worth discussing. Firstly, the V4 boasts an all-new chassis design that improves stability and durability.

The center brace has been beefed up to handle more intense jumps and stunts, making it an ideal model for those who love pushing their RC vehicles to the limit. Additionally, it comes with 17mm wheel hexes which provide better handling on rough terrain.

On the other hand, while the V3 model may not have as many feature upgrades as the newer version, it still maintains a sleek-looking design with its black and green color scheme. The molded roll cage offers added protection for its internal components while also giving off a menacing look.

Performance Comparison between both models.

When it comes to performance comparisons between these two models, there’s no denying that Arrma has made significant improvements with each new version they release. The V4 boasts a powerful 2050kv brushless motor that provides unparalleled speed and power.

Its updated drivetrain system ensures smoother acceleration and increased torque handling capabilities so you can take on almost any terrain with ease. Moreover, this upgrade in performance makes it an excellent choice for hobbyists looking for something that can handle more advanced tricks like front flips or backflips.

In contrast, while the V3 model isn’t as powerful as its counterpart V4 version due to its 1900kv motor output power, it still delivers impressive speed and handling capabilities. Its motor provides top speed of around 60mph out of the box which is quite impressive for a model within its class.

Price Comparison between both models.

When it comes to pricing, it’s undeniable that the V4 model is quite expensive compared to the V3 version. The increase in price is due to the various upgrades and improvements made by Arrma on this latest version. However, when you consider the performance enhancements that come with those upgrades, it might be worth investing in the V4 if you’re looking for a more advanced RC vehicle.

That being said, if you’re someone who’s new to the hobby or doesn’t necessarily need all of the upgrades offered by the V4, then the V3 may be a better option as it offers great performance for its price point. When comparing these two models head-to-head, there are some significant differences in design and performance worth considering.

While both models have their own strengths and weaknesses, ultimately choosing one over another will depend on your preferences and budget. Overall, both models are excellent choices for hobbyists interested in RC vehicles that offer impressive speed and durability.

Conclusion: Which One is Right for You?

Summary of key differences between both models

The Arrma Notorious V3 and V4 are both great RC monster trucks, but they differ in some key aspects. The V3 model has been on the market for a while, and it’s reliable, durable, and can deliver an impressive performance. However, the V4 model takes things up a notch with several upgrades and improvements that undoubtedly make it better than its predecessor.

One of the most significant differences between both models is the chassis design. The V4 comes with a stiffer chassis that boasts improved rigidity and durability compared to the V3 model.

Additionally, the drivetrain enhancements in the V4 make it more efficient and smoother when driving over rough terrain. Another difference worth noting is the electronics upgrades in the V4 model.

It comes with an upgraded ESC that allows for more precise throttle control, making it easier to handle at high speeds. The new motor also delivers more power than its counterpart in the V3 model.

Factors to consider when choosing between

When choosing between Arrma Notorious V3 vs. V4, there are several factors you need to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to consider your budget.

While both models are great performers on their own, they come at different price points. The upgraded features of the V4 model mean that it’s relatively pricier than its predecessor.

Another factor is your level of expertise as an RC enthusiast. If you’re just starting out or have limited experience with RC monster trucks, then you might want to go for the more affordable option -the Arrma Notorious v3- which can still deliver impressive performance without breaking your bank account.

On the other hand, if you’re an experienced RC enthusiast looking for top-tier performance from your truck while enjoying the latest features and upgrades, then the V4 model might be worth the investment. You should also consider your intended use of the truck.

If you’re primarily going to use it for bashing, then either model will do. However, if you plan on racing your RC monster truck, then the improved performance and upgrades in the V4 might give you an edge over other racers.

Choosing between Arrma Notorious V3 vs. V4 ultimately depends on your budget, level of expertise in RC monster trucks, and intended use.

Both models have their strengths and weaknesses but offer great performance overall. Whatever option you choose to go with; both models are guaranteed to provide endless hours of fun for any RC enthusiast out there!