How to Increase the Range of the RC Car Transmitter to Receiver – An Easy Guide

Hey Hobby Grade RC fan, I’m about to show you how to get a better range from your RC Transmitter to Reciever in your Radio Controlled Car.

There is actually only one feasable way to increase your RC car range.

This is to Upgrade your Transmitter and Reciever.

This may actually not cost you as much as you may think. In another article I have written for this website, I researched many of the common Transmitter and Recievers. I found out that one of the transmitters with the longest range is actually one of the cheapest. You can see the article here.

In that article I concluded that the Transmitter and Reciever with the longest range is the: Dumbo RC X6 which has a range of 1640 feet.

How to Increase the Range of the RC Car Transmitter to Receiver

The Dumbo RC X6 is a very low cost system but will shock every one with its insane range and if you upgrade to one you will never have to worry about your RC car going out of range again.

Dumbo RC Systems are extremely good value for money and you can usually pick one up for around $30.

How to Install RC Receiver

It’s very easy to replace your receiver in a hobby grade RC car.

The receiver may be located within a receiver box or just fixed directly some place on the chassis.

How to Increase the Range of the RC Car Transmitter to Receiver

An example reciever box location on a Traxxas Max

How to Increase the Range of the RC Car Transmitter to Receiver
  • Before unplugging anything from the old receiver it’s always a good idea to take a quick photo of the location of all the connections.
  • Now unplug the ESC and steering servo connectors from the old reciever.
  • Carefully pull the antenna wire from the antenna tube.
  • The receiver is likely to be just fixed in the receiver box or onto the chassis with a double sided sticky pad.
  • Just gently pry the reciever away from the box or chassis.
  • Next clean away where the old stick pad was so there is a clear area for the new reciever to be fixed down.
  • Use a new double sided sticky pad to fix down the new receiver.
  • Connect the ESC and servo connector.
  • Feed the antenna wire back into the antenna tube.
  • You must now make sure the Transmitter is bound to the receiver.

How to Bind Dumborc Transmitter

  • Make sure the receiver is connected to the ESC.
  • Connect the ESC to a battery pack.
  • Turn on the transmitter.
  • With a pin, press and hold the tiny black button in the hole next to the antenna.
  • Hold the button down for 1 or 2 seconds.
  • The green LED should blink for a until it binds to the transmitter.
  • After a few seconds the LED should stop flashing.
  • The Transmitter is now bound to the receiver.

Now you have your new Transmitter and Receiver you can take your car for a drive and test its awesome range. There is no doubt you will be impressed by the increase in its range and consider it a decent upgrade.