Top 20 Best Remote Controlled Cars for Adults 2024

Remote controlled (RC) cars provide thrilling speed and performance for hobbyists young and old. While often associated with kids, RC vehicles today feature advanced technology and extreme power perfect for adult enthusiasts. This guide covers the current top high-end RC cars for grown-up speed, racing, off-roading, and hobby fun in 2024.


Modern high-end RC cars deliver jaw-dropping speed and control using professional-grade components. Racing vehicles with 70+ mph top speeds, rugged monster trucks, high-torque rock crawlers, and even RC dragsters provide incredible performance that adult enthusiasts appreciate.

Advanced construction like 4WD drive-trains, adjustable suspensions, aluminum chassis, and brushless motors let these radio controlled cars handle extreme terrain. Integrated telemetry, customizable programming, and meticulous scale detailing satisfy the discerning expert hobbyist looking for a thrilling build and driving experience.

This guide explores the 20 best high-end RC cars across categories that offer an unparalleled combination of speed, power, handling, and features. With models from renowned brands like Traxxas, Redcat, Team Associated, and Losi, these vehicles represent the pinnacle of RC engineering and technology available in 2024 for grown-up driving excitement.

Key Takeaways

  • Brushless motors and LiPo batteries provide extreme acceleration and speeds up to 60+ mph for racing and bashing RCs.
  • Scale realism in licenced models includes accurate accessories and functional 4WD drive trains for immersive off-roading.
  • Advanced remote controls include integrated telemetry and programming adjustments to fine-tune the driving experience.
  • Beefy aluminum chassis, oil-filled shocks, and tunable components allow tackling extreme terrain.
  • Attention to detail with scale finishing, interiors, decals, and lighting deliver premium realism and collectability.
  • On-board cameras and live video let you race FPVCAr or capture the action.

Comparison Table

Vehicle TypeModelKey Features
Racing BuggyTeam Associated RC10B74.14WD, mid-motor, carbon fiber, 120+ mph
Short Course TruckTraxxas Slash 4X4 UltimateTQi radio, 3500kV power system, aluminum chassis
Stadium TruckARRMA Kraton EXBSpeeds over 60 mph, waterproof electronics
Scale CrawlerRedcat Everest-10Portal axles, dig transmission, functional winch
Monster TruckTraxxas E-Revo 2.08S power, Self-righting, TSM stability
Drag RacerTraxxas X-Maxx DragWheelie bars, metal gears, anodized parts

Racing Buggies

Purpose-built for high-speed racing and pavement bashing, these 4WD buggies utilize advanced engineering for blurring acceleration and cornering.

Team Associated RC10B74.1

With a pedigree going back decades, the Team Associated RC10 series represents the gold standard in racing RC design. The current RC10B74.1 buggy leverages this history with thoroughly modern performance:

  • Lightweight 7075-T6 aluminum chassis
  • VCS adjustable dampers and suspension arms
  • Mid-motor configuration balanced for high grip tracks
  • Ultra high-rpm Reedy brushless power system
  • CVD driveline and CVA axles for supreme durability
  • High-end build purity – no excess or gimmicks

In the hands of expert RC racers, this precision tool dominates the track and also impresses when street bashing. The RC10B74.1 carries the racing DNA that makes Team Associated legendary.

Losi LST XXL-2

Combining extreme brushless muscle with race-bred handling, the Losi LST XXL-2 defines the modern nitro-powered buggy experience:

  • Iconic rear-engine design with inline driveline
  • Spektrum Firma 160A ESC capable of 400A bursts
  • High torque Spektrum 6800Kv brushless motor
  • Outdrives produce pavement-ripping torque
  • Beefy 12mm hex adapters and CVDs handle power
  • Rear steering adds maneuverability and slides

With its pedigree dating back to the original LST from the 80s, the LST XXL-2 carries the rear-engine torch into the brushless era with cutting-edge durability and strength. This beast reaches 80+ mph routinely.


Capable of hitting 60+ mph out of the box, the Typhon impresses with its blend of responsiveness and durability:

  • 6S-capable BLX brushless system delivering tire-shredding power
  • Low CG chassis fitted with GRP composite upper deck
  • Waterproof electronics for bashing in any conditions
  • Smart ESC with robust programming and telemetry
  • Pre-glued tires mounted on color-coded wheels
  • DBoots tire compound sticks to pavement

ARRMA packs proven technology into the Typhon platform ready for street and parking lot bashing without costly upgrades needed. Stability control and adjustable parameters allow dialing it in.

Short Course Trucks

Blending high-speed power slides with rugged truck abilities, short course trucks tear up dirt, asphalt, and anything between:

Traxxas Slash 4X4 Ultimate

The 4X4 Slash took short course racing mainstream and continues leading the scene. The Ultimate edition takes versatility and durability to the extreme:

  • Titanium nitride-coated aluminum shocks
  • Beefy HD drive train, CVDs, and axles
  • Low CG chassis with center balance
  • High-torque 3500kV power system
  • Oversized wheels and tires for stability
  • TQi radio with Traxxas Link app tuning

From backflips to pulling wheelies at over 50 mph, the tough yet agile Slash handles it all. Stability management lets novice drivers master insane power slides.

Arrma Senton 6S BLX

Powerful yet accessible, the Senton provides big bash speeds at a reasonable price:

  • Sensored 6S-capable BLX systems hits 60+ mph
  • Tough composite chassis and sealed differentials
  • Smart Speed ESC with integrated telemetry
  • Wide arm suspension geometry for stability
  • LED lighting system for night running
  • Optional rear wing for extra downforce

Exceeding most RTR rigs, the Senton’s integrated telemetry and ESC programmability allow tuning it to your driving style. This short course truck overdelivers on value.

Redcat Everest Gen7 Pro

Redcat’s Everest Gen7 Pro shakes up the class with extreme brushless torque in an affordable package:

  • Low-mounted ESP400 1455Kv brushless motor
  • Waterproof brushed ESC with high 20V input
  • Coilover aluminum shocks and adjustable links
  • Knobby off-road racing tires
  • Functional 2-speed transmission
  • Light bar and LEDs for night visibility

Unique touches like the functional 2-speed tranny and powerful side-exit exhaust demonstrate Redcat’s design creativity. The Gen7 Pro drives as good as its specs promise.

Stadium Trucks

Blending high-speed racing capabilities with rugged off-road basher durability and standout looks, stadium trucks excel on nearly any surface:

Traxxas Rustler 4X4 VXL

Traxxas maximizes the versatility of their legendary Rustler platform with this potent brushless 4X4 variant:

  • High-torque Velineon 3500kV brushless motor
  • Waterproof XL-5 HV ESC capable of 6S LiPo power
  • Beefy transmission with hardened steel gears
  • Race-ready suspension and damping
  • Rear wheelie bar for epic stunts
  • Huge boot tread rear tires on conspicuous chrome wheels

The Rustler 4X4 VXL makes insanely overpowered slides easy to control. Scaled Nitro Rustler body styling looks as radical as the power plant.


ARRMA’s reputation for durability shines through in the Kraton 4S BLX stadium truck. It pushes RC limits in every direction:

  • 4S-capable BLX brushless system reaching 60+ mph
  • Tough composite unibody chassis and tower
  • Huge dBoots tires hug asphalt while bashing
  • Waterproof electronics for wet weather play
  • Smart ESC with robust telemetry capabilities
  • Optional wheelie bar for epic vertical stunts

Specced to withstand relentless bashing, the Kraton BLX excels at high-traction speed runs and gets extra savage with optional treads. Stability control keeps it manageable.

Team Losi Ten-SCTE 3.0

Serious race-level engineering gives the Ten-SCTE precision and versatility across many surfaces:

  • Rearward cab forward design ideal for high-speed tracks
  • Chain-driven
  • 4-Gear transmission tuned for bashing or racing
  • 12mm Big Bore shocks with complete adjustability
  • Heavy duty front/rear diffs with metal cases
  • High strength CVD driveshafts and CVA axles
  • Durable composite chassis with multiple engine positions

From the race-bred suspension and drivetrain to four gearing options, the Ten-SCTE 3.0 makes no compromises on performance. Losi’s attention to design details shine through.

Scale Crawlers

Meticulously replicated 4WD trucks inch across rough terrain with remarkable real-world capabilities thanks to portal axles, dig transmissions, functional winches, and ultra low gearing.

Redcat Everest-10 Gen7 Pro

Redcat pulls out all the stops for extreme crawling with the feature-packed Everest-10 Gen7 Pro:

  • High/low range dig transmission with locking modes
  • Portals raise ground clearance and improve approach angles
  • Functional winch with proportional radio control
  • Beadlock wheels wrapped in crawled tires
  • Slipper clutch for finessed rock climbing
  • Excellent pricing that belies the quality

Robust off-roading performance combined with well-engineered scale details make the Everest-10 a standout value-priced crawler. Functional touches like the winch demonstrate Redcat’s design creativity.

Traxxas TRX-4 Bronco

Traxxas brings stunning licensed scale realism to the proven TRX-4 platform with their ’79 Ford Bronco:

  • Detailed Bronco body with roll cage and driver figures
  • Functional bead-lock wheels and BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain tires
  • Crawler-specific Titan 12T motor provides low-end torque
  • Remote locking differentials front and rear
  • LED headlights, tail lights, and wheel well lights
  • Rugged bumpers front and rear

Precision manufacturing and extreme attention to detail make the TRX-4 Bronco an immersive scale crawling masterpiece.

Axial SCX24 Deadbolt

As the most affordable hobby-grade crawler, the tiny SCX24 packs impressive skills:

  • Extremely compact 1/24 scale size
  • 4-link suspension with coilover shocks
  • AR45 45D compound tires with molded beadlocks
  • Proportional steering and throttle control
  • Hardware upgrades like metal links and gearboxes available
  • Ideal for indoor crawling courses

For palm-sized fun anywhere, Axial’s micro crawler provides big-time realism. The huge range of hop-up parts allows tuning it like a mini-scale rig.

Monster Trucks

Big tires, long suspension travel, and extreme ground clearance let these high-riding trucks blast through any terrain and pull massive air:

Traxxas E-Revo 2.0 Brushless

Traxxas dominates the monster truck segment with the upgraded E-Revo 2.0. Now equipped with 8S brushless muscle:

  • Castle Creations brushless system capable of 80+ mph
  • Self-righting ability with extra chassis clearance
  • Beefy GTR shocks with smooth 16mm shafts
  • Redesigned drive train parts handle extreme power
  • TSM stability management makes 8S power controllable
  • Telemetry and integrated Traxxas Link tuning

More beast than truck, the E-Revo 2.0’s overbuilt durability and self-righting ability allows running 8S LiPo power with confidence. Integrated telemetry aids tuning.


ARRMA’s reputation for toughness is on full display with the Kraton 8S BLX:

  • 8S-capable BLX 1800Kv brushless power system
  • Huge dBoots tires provide pavement traction
  • Super strong composite unibody chassis
  • Waterproof electronics for drizzle driving
  • Smart ESC with integrated telemetry

Optional wheelie bar helps tame the extreme power. Spektrum radio integration makes throttle curves and settings instantly tunable.

Redcat Kaiju EXT

Redcat packs value and innovation into the Kaiju EXT monster:

  • Low-CG composite chassis designed for stability
  • Beefy suspension arms and CVA axles
  • Adjustable coilover shocks support big jumps
  • Water resistant electronics with inline fuse
  • Functional sealed differentials front and rear
  • Fast 280 size electric motor even on 7.2V battery

Well-designed for durability and handling, the Kaiju also introduces unique features like the inline power fuse. Redcat delivers a lot for your money.

RC Drag Racers

Straight-line powerhouses built for incredible acceleration. Massive tires, wheelie bars, and parachutes provide grip and control rocketing down strips:

Traxxas X-Maxx 8S Drag

Traxxas dominates RC drag racing just like real NHRA with the X-Maxx 8S Drag offering extreme power:

  • 8S LiPo capability driving a 550XL motor
  • Tall 15:89 gearing for massive torque
  • Functional wheelie bar and parachute
  • Enlarged wing for high speed stability
  • Anodized GTR shocks hold up to launches
  • Beefy transmission with hardened steel gears

The X-Maxx drag combines durability with technology like the self-leveling TSM system. Massive torque rips off sub-2 second 0-60 times! Traxxas power in its ultimate form.

JConcepts Dyno V2 RC Drag Car

The composite Dyno V2 chassis developed with champion RC drag racer Jason Runeckles serves up competitive performance:

  • Lightweight flexible chassis plant improves grip
  • Rear wing and wheelie bar keep it stable off the line
  • Designed for modern brushless and 2-3S LiPo power
  • Pro-Line body included – just add electronics
  • JConcepts finned wheel/tire combo for massive traction

Benefiting from racing R&D, the Dyno V2 offers a pro-spec starting point for RC strip dominance with minimal hop-ups needed.

Tamiya Neo Fighter Buggy DTF-02DT

Tamiya applies their racing pedigree to the exciting new category of DT dragsters:

  • 470-Can brushless motor and 60A ESC combo
  • High downforce body with big rear wing
  • Quick change gearbox with multiple ratios
  • Low friction belt drivetrain
  • Lightweight plated aluminum chassis
  • Slick tread rear tires maximize grip

Tamiya’s engineering shows in smart details like quick gear swaps and a smoothly efficient drivetrain letting motor power shine through.

RTR vs. Kit Building – What’s Best For New RC Enthusiasts?

Ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles allow driving right away, while build kits teach the mechanics but require electronics and assembly. Here’s an overview of the advantages of each for new hobbyists.

RTR Benefits

  • Ready to drive immediately – great if impatient to start driving quickly
  • No building skills or tools required
  • Electronics included so no soldering or separate purchases
  • Fully adjustable with basic tools like screwdrivers

Kit Advantages

  • Learn how RCs work through hands-on building
  • Achieve a customized vehicle by selecting electronics
  • Gain maintenance skills from taking it apart and tweaking
  • Satisfaction and pride from completing and driving your own build

Overall, RTRs provide instant gratification while kits offer education and customization. Consider your goals – both paths are rewarding!

Final Thoughts

High-performance RC cars today provide more speed, power, and innovative technology than ever imagined, realized through professional-grade engineering. With capabilities matching appearances, they exemplify an incredible hobby.

Speed runs, dirt bashing, and backyard drifting become thrilling activities driving RCs with brushless power that exceeds many real performance cars. Surprisingly realistic licensed scale models add immersion.

Continually advancing remote control technology means these machines keep getting faster while handling better. For RC enthusiasts, there’s never been a more exciting time to get into the hobby. The variety and quality keeps attracting more adult fans each year.

With so many options available today spanning multiple categories and price points, it’s easy to find the ideal RC model to fulfill your particular interests in performance driving. Take inspiration from the top vehicles highlighted here, participate in events and communities, and enjoy the ride!