Traxxas RC Cars: Everything You Need to Know

For over 30 years, Traxxas has been driving innovation and passion for remote control vehicles. Their slogan “world’s fastest name in RC” rings true for good reason. Traxxas dominates the hobby-grade RC market with an incredible range of ready-to-race nitro and electric models. From monster trucks to high performance buggies, Traxxas offers exciting speed for drivers of all experience levels.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know about Traxxas RC cars to get you started in the thrilling world of RC.

A Brief History of Traxxas

Traxxas was founded in 1986 by a group of modeling enthusiasts in McKinney, Texas. Their goal was to bring high performance racing trucks to casual RC drivers through ready-to-run (RTR) vehicles that provided an unbeatable mix of speed, durability, and ease-of-use.

The first iconic Traxxas models were the Sledgehammer, a monster truck, and the Cat, an off-road buggy. Both featured robust parts, high torque motors, and performance that far exceeded most RTR vehicles of the era. Traxxas grew rapidly through the 1990s, wowing customers with competitive high-end racing trucks at affordable prices.

Today, Traxxas offers an enormous range of nitro and electric RTR vehicles. Through innovation and creative engineering, they’ve done more than perhaps any company to popularize and grow the RC car hobby around the world.

Overview of Popular Traxxas Models

With such a huge selection of vehicles, it can be tough to choose your first Traxxas model. Here’s an overview of some of their most popular ready-to-race RC cars:

Traxxas Slash

Traxxas X-Maxx

For giant monster truck thrills, the 1/5 scale Traxxas X-Maxx reigns supreme. Massive tires, long-travel suspension, and a Velineon power system let it tear across any environment at over 30 mph. The innovative TSM stability control makes it easy to handle despite its towering height. If you want maximum power, get the 8S model with a 2650kV brushless motor.

Traxxas Rustler

As a stadium racing truck, the Traxxas Rustler provides intense speeds in a more compact and agile package. It’s nicely equipped right from the box featuring a Titan 12-turn motor and waterproof XL-5 ESC. Upgrade to the Rustler 4X4 VXL for 4WD power and insane 50+ mph with the Velineon brushless system.

Traxxas E-Revo 2.0

Bashing around rough terrain? The 1/10 scale Traxxas E-Revo is built to take abuse and look good doing it. The huge tires and long suspension travel let it attack mud, rocks, and big jumps. A Titan 550 motor provides stupid fast acceleration. Upgrade to the E-Revo 2.0 Brushless for 4WD traction and 60+ mph top speeds!

Traxxas Stampede

As one of their original and most iconic models, the Traxxas Stampede 4×4 monster truck perfectly balances speed, durability, and affordability. The Velineon brushless system in the VXL model yields blistering fast acceleration and over 50 mph potential. Massive ground clearance and 1/10 scale size make it a versatile basher.

This just scratches the surface of Traxxas’ lineup. From the fast and rugged TRX-4 crawler to their latest high-performance UDR Unlimited Desert Racer, Traxxas makes a model perfect for anyone from new RC drivers to serious racing enthusiasts.

Ready-to-Race vs Kit Options

A major reason for Traxxas’ success is their commitment to Ready-To-Race models. RTR vehicles come fully assembled with everything needed to hit the trails right out of the box. Just charge the included battery and go have fun.

For more advanced hobbyists, Traxxas also offers a selection of kits. Kits provide the same top shelf parts and electronics, but require full assembly. This allows more customization opportunities and a better understanding of how your vehicle works.

De plus en plus de passionnés optent pour les incroyables véhicules RTR Traxxas en raison de leur valeur incroyable et de leur commodité. Toutefois, l’offre de véhicules à la fois prêts à l’emploi et en kit continue d’attirer de nouveaux adeptes tout en satisfaisant les experts les plus exigeants.

La gamme RTR (Ready-To-Race) de Traxxas offre une expérience de conduite complète dès la sortie de la boîte. Les voitures et les camions RTR sont pré-assemblés et prêts à fonctionner, ce qui permet aux passionnés de se lancer rapidement dans leur nouvelle aventure de pilotage. Avec des modèles tels que le rustler, le slash et le stampede, les amateurs de véhicules RC peuvent profiter de performances exceptionnelles et de sensations fortes sur divers terrains.

D’un autre côté, Traxxas propose également des options de construction en kit pour ceux qui souhaitent un contrôle total sur la construction de leur véhicule. Les kits de construction Traxxas offrent une expérience de construction gratifiante et permettent aux passionnés de personnaliser leur véhicule selon leurs préférences. De la suspension aux amortisseurs en passant par les systèmes de propulsion, chaque aspect du véhicule peut être modifié et amélioré pour répondre aux besoins spécifiques de chaque pilote.

Que vous choisissiez un véhicule RTR ou un kit de construction, Traxxas garantit des performances de première classe, une durabilité exceptionnelle et une expérience de conduite sans pareil. C’est la raison pour laquelle Traxxas est devenu l’un des noms les plus fiables et appréciés dans le monde des véhicules RC. Alors, qu’attendez-vous ? Prenez le volant et découvrez la passion de la conduite RC avec Traxxas !

Getting Started with Your First Traxxas RC Car

Ready to experience the Traxxas difference? Here are some key steps to get started:

Choose the Right Model

With so many options, selecting your first Traxxas starts with identifying the driving experience you want.

Off-road versatility – Models like the Stampede, Rustler, and TRX-4 provide versatility to bash across multiple terrains.

Speed Demons – Electrics like the XO-1 and E-Revo brushless can hit 60+ mph for intense speed.

Monster Truck Fun – X-Maxx, Rustler, and Stampede deliver big tire ground clearance for crushing any terrain.

Think about how fast and what performance factors matter most. This narrows choices to pick the perfect Traxxas for your needs.

Understand the Power Systems

Traxxas offers models with brushed DC motors or more advanced brushless systems. Brushed motors use basic DC electricity and winding contacts. Brushless utilizes electronic commutation for efficiency and quicker acceleration.

Brushed is proven technology with easier repairs. Brushless provides more power but costs more upfront. Consider your budget, performance needs, and technical comfort level.

Determine Drive Type

Traxxas RC cars come in 2WD (two wheel drive) or 4WD (four wheel drive). 4WD improves traction and handling for off-roading but costs more. 2WD is lighter, simpler, and well suited for track driving. Weigh your priorities in stability, terrain, and budget.

Evaluate Features

Consider what features fit your needs:

  • Waterproof – Important if running through rain, mud, and water. Traxxas offers waterproof electronics.
  • TSM Stability Control – Traxxas’ innovative stability management system for easier high-speed handling.
  • Battery/Charger – Higher mAh battery capacity and quick chargers extend runtime.

Prioritize features that best match how and where you plan to drive. This helps select the ideal Traxxas model.

Getting Up to Speed With Traxxas

Once you have your new vehicle, here are some tips to safely get up to speed:

  • Read the manual – Yes, really read the entire manual before driving! This ensures proper break-in and use.
  • Take it slow – Start at low speeds in large open areas without obstacles to get a feel for controls.
  • Check settings – Make sure speed limiters are enabled for any new drivers. Adjust steering and throttle trims if needed.
  • Add weight – Most models benefit from maximum weight placed low in the chassis for stability. This improves handling.
  • Monitor temps – Watch for overheating and don’t overwork the motor in first uses before full break-in.

Get comfortable with the basic handling and performance before exploring the full speed potential.

Must-Have Maintenance Tips

While tough, Traxxas vehicles still require basic care for best performance and longevity:

  • Inspect chassis – Check for loose parts, damaged wires, worn components after each drive.
  • Clean routinely – Use compressed air and a soft brush to clean dust and debris from vehicles. Avoid wet cleaning.
  • Check tires – Look for cuts, excessive wear, and debris stuck in tire treads. Replace as needed.
  • Lube drivetrain – Lubricate components like driveshafts, suspension pivots, and universal joints.
  • Check shocks – Ensure shocks are not leaking and provide proper damping action. Rebuild as needed.

Following the recommended maintenance schedule provides years of like-new performance.

Know Your Battery Options

Here are some key facts on Traxxas battery options:

  • NiMH packs – Included with most models, NiMH batteries provide good runtimes and value. Must be fully discharged between uses.
  • LiPo batteries – Lightweight lithium polymer packs offer increased capacity in smaller sizes plus fast charging. Require proper care and handling.
  • Traxxas iD Batteries – Traxxas’ exclusive LiPo line maximizes runtimes and speed with high discharge ability. Integrated battery management makes charging foolproof.
  • Voltage – Higher voltage packs provide more power but require compatible electronics. Common options are 2S (7.4V), 3S (11.1V) and 4S (14.8V).
  • Capacity – Measured in mAh, higher capacities extend runtimes. 5000-7000mAh is common for full size models. Scale vehicle packs are 2000-3000mAh.
  • C Ratings – Indicates discharge rate and ability to provide needed power to electronics. 25C-50C is ideal for high-output applications.

Choose batteries to balance performance needs and budgets. Understanding specifications ensures getting ideal packs for your Traxxas model.

Mastering the Radio System

Traxxas models include the TQi 2.4GHz radio system:

  • 2.4GHz band – Provides interference-free operation and long range.
  • TSM – Traxxas Stability Management helps compensate for loss of traction at high speeds.
  • Programming – Lets you fine tune throttle and braking curves for different surfaces.
  • Failsafe – Returns throttle to neutral if signal is lost as a safety precaution.
  • Receiver – Internal receiver comes pre-bound to the transmitter for out-of-box convenience.

While functional for most, advanced users may upgrade to multi-channel programmable transmitters. This allows finer vehicle adjustments and customization.

Must-Have Upgrades and Accessories

While great out of the box, here are some popular accessories to enhance your Traxxas experience:

  • Batteries – Upgrade NiMH packs to LiPos for more power and runtime.
  • Body shells – Pick stylish translucent bodies and decals to customize looks.
  • Shocks – Beef up shocks for greater stability at high speeds or heavy loads.
  • Wheels/Tires – Soft terrain or street tires optimize traction for conditions.
  • Chassis – Aluminum and carbon fiber chassis add strength and reduce weight.
  • Bearings – Switch to ceramic bearings for extreme speeds and reduced friction.
  • Servo – Higher torque, faster servos improve steering precision.

The wide range of upgrade parts allows tuning and enhancing Traxxas vehicles for your priorities whether racing or bashing.

Where to Safely Drive Your RC Car

Finding a good spot to open up your Traxxas and experience its full speed potential is key. Here are some driving tips:

  • Start in a large open area like an empty parking lot or park. This provides room to test handling and speed more safely.
  • On neighborhood streets, watch carefully for traffic, pedestrians and obstacles. Avoid high traffic times and be respectful.
  • Seek out local RC tracks, competitions, and clubs in your area to find well maintained and exciting courses.
  • Off-roading provides challenges for real control. Look for empty dirt lots, fields, and hiking areas.
  • Avoid wet conditions which can damage electronics. Look for waterproofing upgrades if running through rain or puddles is unavoidable.

While tempting, carefully consider risks before running powerful RC cars in heavily populated public spaces. Prioritize safety.

Get Connected Online

The global community of Traxxas enthusiasts is full of camaraderie, troubleshooting advice, customization tips, local events, and inspiration for driving:

  • Traxxas Forums – Active forums to ask questions and learn from thousands of fellow Traxxas drivers.
  • RC Groups – Huge online RC community and forums with dedicated Traxxas subsections.
  • Local RC Events – Facebook and online searches help find local RC meetups, races, and hobby shops hosting events.
  • Traxxas Support – Extensive self-help resources plus technical support by phone, email, and live chat.

The abundance of online resources and passionate people makes Traxxas ownership experience even more fulfilling.

Start Experiencing RC Thrills!

Traxxas has delivered high quality, high performance Ready-To-Race RC cars to the masses for over 30 years while pushing industry innovation. With unbeatable variety, cutting-edge technology, excellent support, and proven reputation, Traxxas vehicles consistently deliver the most thrilling RC driving experiences. Whether you are looking for speed, scale realism, or extreme durability, Traxxas delivers. Hopefully this overview provides helpful knowledge to choose your perfect model and fully enjoy these amazing machines. Now get out there and embrace your inner RC driver!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best Traxxas model for beginners?

The 2WD Slash, Stampede, and Rustler provide great versatility and durability perfect for RC beginners while still offering fun speed and performance.

How fast can Traxxas RC cars go?

Top speeds vary by model but range from 30+ mph on entry level vehicles up to over 60 mph on high-end brushless power systems. Always prioritize control over max speed.

What type of maintenance do Traxxas vehicles require?

Basic maintenance like cleaning, inspecting components for damage, lubricating parts, and checking tire condition is recommended after each drive. Follow the maintenance schedule in the owner’s manual.

What types of batteries work with Traxxas RC cars?

Traxxas supports both NiMH and LiPo battery types in a range of voltages and capacities depending on the electronics. Always use recommended batteries for your specific model.

Can I drive my Traxxas RC car in the rain or through water?

Most Traxxas models are fully waterproof, allowing use in wet conditions. But avoid submerging underwater and dry off after exposure to reduce corrosion risks. Check your manual for water protection limitations.