Wltoys 104001 vs 144001 – 1/10 Scale or 1/14 Scale ?


Now WL toys have a 1/10 scale low cost car available I wanted to compare the difference between it and its 1/14 scale predecessor the 144001. Considering both of these cars are flipping awesomes, Lets have a look and see what the pros and cons of each are and what can be done with either. I’ll have a look into what spares are are availble for each and how easy they are to upgrade to a brushless set up for more speed and power. Maybe this can help you decide which one to buy or you just might want to order both!!

What is the Wltoys 104001

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Pros and Cons of Wltoys 104001

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What is the Wltoys 144001

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Pros and Cons of Wltoys 144001

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Wltoys 104001 vs. 144001

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