Arrma Kraton vs Traxxas X-Maxx – RC Car Comparison

How does the Arrma Kraton compare to Traxxas X-Maxx?


The Arrma Kraton and Traxxas X-Maxx are two of the biggest names in the RC monster truck world. As 1/8 scale bashers with immense power and tank-like durability, they consistently top the list of any serious hobbyist or racer looking for maximum fun. But with both trucks offering such stand-out performance, it can be tough deciding between the Kraton or X-Maxx.

This comprehensive feature will dive into every aspect of both trucks from speed and power to durability, customization potential and value. Read on to find out exactly how the supreme Kraton and iconic X-Maxx compare across all the key categories.

Key Takeaways

  • The Kraton offers faster out-of-box speed with its higher Kv motor and 160A ESC
  • X-Maxx takes the win for unmatched durability thanks to its 6mm chassis and beefed up components
  • Kraton provides better value with a lower price point around $100 less than the X-Maxx
  • X-Maxx dominates for customization and parts availability from its huge community following
  • Both deliver mind-blowing 50+ mph speeds and bashing performance right out of the box

Power Systems

Let’s start by looking under the hood. Monster trucks are all about big power, so how do the power systems compare between the Kraton and X-Maxx?


Both trucks run large, sensorless brushless motors that deliver face-melting speed and acceleration.

Arrma Kraton

  • 1550Kv 4-pole motor
  • Sensorless design
  • 140mm diameter
  • Dual ball bearings

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • 1300Kv brushless motor
  • Sensorless
  • 130mm diameter
  • Dual ball bearings

The Kraton runs a higher Kv motor which allows it to reach higher maximum RPMs and top speed. The 1550Kv design is optimized for speed running 6S-8S LiPo batteries. The X-Maxx’s 1300Kv favors low-end torque over outright top speed.

Advantage: Kraton

Electronic Speed Controls

Converting the brute power into controlled output for the motors are these massive, waterproof ESC units.

Arrma Kraton

  • 160A ESC
  • Sensorless brushless
  • 8S LiPo max
  • Waterproof

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • Velineon VXL-8s 150A ESC
  • Sensorless brushless
  • 8S LiPo max
  • Waterproof

Again, the Kraton’s ESC here can handle more total amperage (160A vs 150A continuous). This gives it an edge in maximum power output. The X-Maxx ESC optimizes the power delivery for controllable low-end torque rather than top speed.

Advantage: Kraton


These beastly trucks need giant battery packs to satisfy their power hunger. They run on rechargeable LiPo battery configurations:

Common Options

  • 4S (14.8V)
  • 6S (22.2V)
  • 8S (29.6V)

Higher voltage unlocks more speed and acceleration. Both trucks are geared to really come alive on 6S-8S configurations. Ready-to-run models include a 4S LiPo battery.

Advantage: Draw

Speed and Power

Let’s talk about the fun stuff – straight line speed and acceleration! How fast can these trucks roar out of the box?

Arrma Kraton

  • Top Speed: Approx. 60+ mph (on 6S-8S)
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in around 4 seconds

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • Top Speed: Approx. 50+ mph (on 6S-8S)
  • Acceleration: 0-60 mph in around 5 seconds

The Kraton has a clear advantage in both top speed and acceleration right out of the box. The higher Kv motor and more powerful ESC gives it the edge against the hard-hitting X-Maxx. Of course, both trucks have mind-blowing speed for their size and deliver grin-inducing power.

In terms of speed and raw power alone, the Arrma Kraton takes the win. But speed isn’t everything – the X-Maxx makes up ground in other areas.

Advantage: Kraton

Toughness and Durability

Now to the really fun part – durability! No RC car comparison is complete without looking at how tough these machines are when bashing and racing hard. Here’s how the durability and toughness compares:

Arrma Kraton

  • Composite chassis
  • Beefy suspension arms
  • Metal-gear differentials
  • Modular design
  • Waterproof electronics

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • 6mm thick anodized aluminum chassis
  • Massive suspension components
  • Hardened steel gears
  • Modular design
  • Waterproof electronics

While both are extremely durable, the X-Maxx is widely regarded as one of the toughest, most indestructible RC cars money can buy. The ultra thick chassis, beefed up drivetrain and oversized parts makes it nearly impervious to big crashes and hardcore bashing.

The Kraton is still extremely tough for an RC monster truck – but the X-Maxx’s parts are bigger and beefier overall. When it comes to taking a beating and coming back for more, the X-Maxx is king.

Advantage: X-Maxx

Customization and Upgrades

One amazing aspect of these high-end RCs is their vast customization and upgrade potential. But which model offers more options for tuning and modifying?

Arrma Kraton

  • Decent aftermarket parts availability
  • Some upgrade parts like aluminum shock caps
  • Smaller enthusiast community than X-Maxx

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • Massive aftermarket parts selection
  • Upgrade everything from shocks to gears
  • Enormous enthusiast community

The X-Maxx is the clear winner when it comes to customization and upgrades. Thanks to its incredible popularity, you can find every imaginable upgrade part from mild to wild. Shocks, chassis, gears, motors, tires – you name it. The huge enthusiast base also provides a wealth of modding knowledge.

The Kraton simply doesn’t have the same enormous aftermarket support. But popular upgrades like aluminum shock caps, metal differentials and beefed up a-arms are available.

If you want the ultimate in aftermarket tuning and mods, the X-Maxx is hard to beat. But the Kraton still allows for basic upgrades to increase durability and performance.

Advantage: X-Maxx

Handling and Control

Let’s move on to the driving experience and handling characteristics of both trucks:

Arrma Kraton

  • Sharp steering response
  • Firm suspension tuning
  • Low center of gravity
  • Front and rear sway bars

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • Linear controllable steering
  • Plush long-travel suspension
  • High ground clearance
  • No sway bars

While the Kraton leans more towards race-inspired handling, the X-Maxx focuses on high speed stability and crushable control. The Kraton turns in quicker and remains flatter through corners. But the X-Maxx’s suspension soaks up huge jumps and ruts with ease.

The X-Maxx also weighs around 5lbs more, which contributes to its planted feel at speed and ability to bulldoze through anything. Overall the Kraton has the edge in agility, while the X-Maxx dominates for big air stability and bashing control.

Advantage: Draw

Terrain Capabilities

With their huge ground clearance and tires, both trucks can tackle just about any terrain or environment. Here’s how they compare:

Arrma Kraton

  • 1/8 inch ground clearance
  • Optional AVC stability control
  • Pre-mounted foam filled tires
  • Skidplates for bottom protection

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • 1.5 inch ground clearance
  • TSM stability management
  • Optional self-righting feature
  • Pre-mounted foam filled tires

The X-Maxx’s greater clearance helps it plow through terrain and obstacles that would high-center the Kraton. Its TSM system also works incredibly well to keep the truck stable at speed over rough ground.

Both feature foam filling in the tires to prevent traction roll-overs. Overall, the X-Maxx is even more of a terrain crushing beast. But the Kraton still tackles a wide range of surfaces with confidence.

Advantage: X-Maxx

Size and Dimensions

As you’d expect with 1/8 scale monster trucks, these models have giant statures and imposing footprints:

Arrma Kraton

  • Length: 21.7 in (551mm)
  • Width: 16.7 in (425mm)
  • Height: 10.6 in (269mm)
  • Weight: 10.1 lbs

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • Length: 22.2 in (565mm)
  • Width: 18.4 in (467mm)
  • Height: 11.3 in (287mm)
  • Weight: 15.2 lbs

The X-Maxx is noticeably larger overall, with greater width, height and a much heavier curb weight. The added size and mass make it even harder to stop when rampaging through terrain. If you want maximum scale presence, the X-Maxx has it.

Advantage: X-Maxx

Price and Value

With high-end models like these, price is an important consideration. Here is how the trucks compare based on typical retail pricing:

Arrma Kraton

  • RTR Price: Around $700
  • Batteries included: 4S 5000mAh LiPo

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • RTR price: Around $900
  • Batteries included: 4S 5000mAh LiPo

At around $200 less, the Kraton definitely provides better value if budget is a main factor. You still get 50+ mph power and strong durability at a discount. However, the X-Maxx justifies its higher cost with unmatched toughness and customization potential.

Advantage: Kraton


After comparing every aspect of these beastly bashers, a few key conclusions emerge:

  • The Arrma Kraton provides better value and out-of-box speed at a lower cost
  • The Traxxas X-Maxx dominates for durability, upgrades, and limitless customization
  • Both deliver insane 50+ mph power and unmatched bashing abilities

For many RC fans, the X-Maxx is worth the extra cost thanks to its extreme durability that keeps you bashing longer between repairs. It also offers endless options for tuning and upgrades.

But if speed and power right out of the box is a priority, along with value, the Kraton gets the nod. Ultimately you can’t go wrong with either of these RC monster truck icons!


What motors are best for upgrading each truck?

Popular brushless motor upgrade choices for the Kraton include the Tekin 1717 1900Kv and Castle Creations Copperhead 10 2028 2200Kv & 2206 2400Kv. For the X-Maxx, the Castle Mamba Monster X 8S or Tekin RX8 are great for more power.

What types of batteries work best?

Stick with high-capacity (5000mAh-8000mAh) LiPo packs from reputable brands like Gens Ace, Venom or Traxxas. Move up to 6S or 8S configurations for maximum speed. Make sure to use a compatible charger.

How long do the batteries last in each truck?

Run time depends on your driving style. Conservative use will yield 15-20 minutes generally. At full throttle expect around 10-12 minutes. The X-Maxx’s higher weight impacts run time slightly. Higher capacity batteries will extend driving time.

What tuning adjustments can I make to the trucks?

Gearing can be changed to optimize for speed or acceleration. Shock oil weight and piston holes affect ride height and stiffness. Swapping springs affects body roll. Anti-sway bars also tune roll stiffness. Dropping ride height improves stability.

What wheel, tire and rim options exist for them?

Many aftermarket tires like Pro-Line offer enhanced traction and durability. Larger rim diameters with low-profile tires also work. X-Maxx has far more wheel/tire choices thanks to its popularity.

How does the size compare to 1/10 scale trucks?

As 1/8 models, the Kraton and X-Maxx are about twice the length and width of typical 1/10 short course trucks. They have much larger physical presence especially the hulking X-Maxx.

How difficult are repairs and finding replacement parts?

Both feature modular designs for easy repairs. Parts availability is good for the Kraton from sites like AMain Hobbies. But the X-Maxx has vastly more aftermarket parts sources thanks to its popularity.

What drive train upgrades improve durability?

Metal spur gears, hardened steel ring and pinion gears, aluminum diffs and driveshafts are great for reliability. Many options exist for the X-Maxx while the Kraton has fewer upgrade parts available.

Can I convert them to 6S or 8S power systems?

Yes, both trucks can be run on higher voltage configurations for more speed and acceleration. Ensure your ESC, motor, batteries and charger support the higher voltages first. Additional gearing changes may also be required.


The Arrma Kraton and Traxxas X-Maxx are two of the most popular and capable RC monster trucks on the market. With their huge size, beefy components, high speed, and relentless power they are designed for maximum bashing over the roughest terrain. But how exactly do these RC behemoths compare? Read on as we outline the key specs and features of both trucks.

Key Takeaways:

  • The X-Maxx is slightly larger overall, but the Kraton has a longer wheelbase.
  • They both use strong plastic composite materials, with partial aluminum parts.
  • Dual brushed motors propel the Kraton, while the X-Maxx runs a single brushless motor.
  • The X-Maxx uses a 2-speed transmission, while the Kraton has a single gear ratio.
  • Both boast high-capacity battery packs and 30+ mph top speeds.
  • While very durable, the Kraton is generally more affordable than the premium X-Maxx.
  • For all-out power and strength, the X-Maxx edges out the Kraton, but both deliver incredible RC bashing experiences.

Overview and Specs

Here is a general overview of the size, layout, and specs of both trucks:

Arrma Kraton:

  • 1/8 scale monster truck
  • 17.5″ long wheelbase
  • Dual 3150Kv brushed motors
  • Large capacity 6S LiPo battery
  • 4WD with central drivetrain
  • Plastic composite chassis and A-arms
  • Aluminum shocks and steering knuckles
  • Over 30mph top speed

Traxxas X-Maxx:

  • 1/5 scale monster truck
  • 18.9” wheelbase
  • Velineon 1200XL brushless motor
  • 2-speed transmission
  • Uses dual 4S LiPo batteries
  • 4WD with centered drivetrain
  • Composite nylon and aluminum chassis
  • Aluminum shocks, camber links
  • Over 30mph top speed

Chassis and Suspension Comparison

The chassis and suspension are key areas that impact the performance and durability of these RC trucks.

The X-Maxx uses a modular chassis design split into upper and lower sections. It combines composite nylon plastic and aluminum parts, with beefy shock towers and suspension arms.

The Kraton features a mainly composite plastic chassis and A-arms, along with aluminum front and rear shock towers. Both trucks utilize pre-loaded aluminum coil-over shocks and rigid suspension links for high-speed stability.

While the X-Maxx chassis offers slightly more torsional rigidity, the Kraton compensates with its longer wheelbase. Overall suspension travel is similar, allowing both to handle big jumps and hard landings.

Drivetrain and Driveline

Delivering power to the wheels are robust drivetrain components:

Arrma Kraton

  • Rear-mounted dual 15T brushed motors
  • Sealed gear differentials front and rear
  • Single speed transmission
  • Dogbone drive shafts
  • Large front and rear differentials

Traxxas X-Maxx:

  • Low-mounted Velineon brushless motor
  • 2-speed transmission with auto-shifting
  • Heavy duty differentials
  • Internal planetary gear train
  • Steel spline drive shafts
  • Multi-oil slipper clutch

While the Kraton opts for a simpler single-speed setup, the X-Maxx has a more complex drivetrain tailored for brute power delivery. Both use strong differentials, driveshafts, and bearings to provide 4WD traction.


Modern waterproof electronics control these RC beasts:

Arrma Kraton

  • Tactic TTX300 radio system
  • Waterproof ESC with LiPo cutoff
  • High torque steering servo
  • LED light kit included

Traxxas X-Maxx

  • TQi radio with Bluetooth module
  • Velineon VXL-8s ESC
  • XL-5HV waterproof servo
  • ESC telemetry capable
  • Optional Traxxas stability assist

While both have quality waterproof electronics, the X-Maxx offers more programming adjustability via its ESC. But the Kraton also includes built-in LED lights.

Performance Comparison

With their big power systems, the Kraton and X-Maxx deliver thrilling speed and strength:

  • The X-Maxx hits over 30mph out of the box, with 50+mph potential with tuning
  • The Kraton also tops 30mph stock, capable of over 40mph when modified
  • They both can power through rough terrain and obstacles without slowing
  • Massive ground clearance, big tires, and 4WD traction allow climbing steep surfaces
  • Dual battery packs give the X-Maxx longer 15-20 minute runtimes
  • The Kraton runs 10-15 minutes per battery pack

Both trucks have nearly unmatched power and speed for their size and class. The X-Maxx maintains higher speeds over rough terrain, while the Kraton has a slight edge in maneuverability.


Durability is paramount for RC bashers and these trucks deliver:

  • The Kraton uses tough composite nylon plastic that flexes to absorb big impacts.
  • Metal parts like the motor plate, shocks, driveline, and steering hardware beef up key areas prone to stress.
  • The X-Maxx also uses rigid composites for the chassis and suspension arms, protecting electronics inside.
  • Its modular chassis design helps keep components isolated from big hits.
  • Both use thick chassis skidplates to glide over obstacles, protecting them from abrasion.
  • Sealed differentials, waterproof electronics, and hex hardware help maximize longevity.

While not truly indestructible, both the X-Maxx and Kraton can shrug off abuse that would total less durable RC cars. Their smart designs and strong parts allow them to handle relentless bashing.


In the end, both the Traxxas X-Maxx and Arrma Kraton deliver outstanding power and fun. The X-Maxx has an edge when it comes to outright strength and durability. But the Kraton offers a more affordable way to experience extreme RC monster truck bashing. Both models have earned their reputations through unrelenting performance. For backyard bashers and RC enthusiasts who crave ever more power and range from their radio-controlled vehicles, these beastly trucks represent the pinnacle.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which truck has better ground clearance?

A: The X-Maxx and Kraton have nearly identical ground clearance since their huge tires and suspensions allow riding high over terrain.

Q: Can the Kraton run on 6S LiPo batteries like the X-Maxx?

A: Yes, upgraded 6S power systems are commonly added to the Kraton for more speed and run time.

Q: Is the X-Maxx or Kraton faster?

A: Out of the box they both top 30+ mph. With modifications, the X-Maxx can achieve slightly higher top speeds over 50mph.

Q: Does the Kraton have a slipper clutch like the X-Maxx?

A: No, the Kraton uses traditional differentials front and rear rather than a center slipper clutch.

Q: Which truck has better crawl capability?

A: While fast bashers, the X-Maxx’s transmission and weight distribution give it a slight edge for crawling.

Q: Can the Kraton run in water?

A: Yes, the Kraton is fully waterproof and can run in shallow water and wet conditions.

Q: What batteries work with each truck?

A: The Kraton uses 6S or 2x 3S LiPo packs. The X-Maxx uses 2x 4S LiPo batteries.

As you can see, doing a full in-depth comparison of all aspects of the Arrma Kraton and Traxxas X-Maxx requires having extensive hands-on experience with both RC trucks. There are many additional factors like tuning options, hop-up parts availability, and owner community support that could be covered in a 5000+ word review. Please let me know if you would like me to expand on any specific area of comparison between these two RC monster trucks based on the overview provided here. I can also explore alternative topics that I can provide a more thorough analysis on with proper research.