What Bodies Fit Arrma Infraction


The Arrma Infraction is a 1/7 scale brushless-powered RC stunt truck known for its massive size, fearsome speed, and extreme durability. Its unique design allows it to accommodate a wide range of body styles for different looks and enhanced performance. But with so many body options available, what are the best choices to fit the Infraction platform?

This in-depth guide will overview compatible body types, popular brand choices, mounting considerations, and pro tips for getting the right fit. Whether you want to maximize aerodynamics for speed runs or get a cool scale look for bashing, finding the right body for your Infraction is key.

Key Takeaways

  • The Infraction has a longer 1/7 scale wheelbase that fits bodies approximately 18-20 inches long
  • Short course truck, buggy, stadium truck, and pro truck bodies work well and provide good clearance
  • Brands like JConcepts, Pro-Line, RPM, and Tekno make direct-fit bodies for the Infraction
  • Pay attention to the wheelbase range to ensure a proper fit without modifications
  • Consider lightweight bodies for racing or more rigid bodies for durability when bashing

Wheelbase Considerations

The first factor in finding a properly fitting body is matching the wheelbase. At 18.5 inches, the Infraction has a longer wheelbase than typical 1/10 scale models. Bodies designed for 1/8 buggies may be slightly too short.

Look for the following wheelbase lengths when selecting a body:

  • Short Course Truck: 18-20 inches
  • Buggy: 18-19 inches
  • Stadium Truck: 19-21 inches
  • Pro Truck: 20+ inches

Bodies designed specifically for the Infraction will be an exact fit. For other body styles, aim for wheelbases of around 18-21 inches. This range will center nicely over the chassis without overhang.

Body Styles

One of the great things about the Infraction platform is that it can fit a wide range of body types. Here are some of the most common styles that work well:

Short Course Truck

The quintessential basher style – short course truck bodies mimic the look of racing trophy trucks. The long wheelbase and high front/rear bumpers suit the Infraction chassis perfectly.


Low-profile buggy bodies reduce drag for higher top speeds. They lack the front and rear bumpers of a short course style but fit the wheelbase well.

Stadium Truck

With a slightly shorter wheelbase and more realistic street truck look, stadium truck bodies complement the Infraction’s speed and agility.

Pro Truck

For a realistic pro-level monster truck appearance, pro truck bodies work great. The long wheelbases and huge presence match the Infraction.

Popular Brands

Many top RC body manufacturers make designs specifically for the Infraction. Some popular brands to look at include:


JConcepts produces the officially licensed 1971 Dodge Demon Infraction body for a perfect scale fit. It’s available in clear versions ready for painting/detailing.


Pro-Line makes the Flowtron short course body for the Infraction. It’s sleek and lightweight for racing performance.


RPM has several short course bodies like the Raid and Rage designs to suit the Infraction chassis. They feature strong composite construction.


Tekno offers the Competition RC Pro Truck body that’s a great realistic fit for the Infraction with the long pro truck wheelbase.

Mounting Tips

To ensure your body fits right and stays secured, follow these mounting best practices:

  • Use the included body mounts and hardware
  • Check that body posts align properly with the chassis mounts
  • Secure with included stickers/tape for extra hold if needed
  • Test fit without cutting first to check wheel clearance
  • Trim wheel wells carefully after test fitting
  • Paint the inside of the body for a finished look

Taking it slow and test fitting before final trimming or painting will prevent headaches down the road.

Performance Considerations

Keep these factors in mind when selecting a body for racing, bashing or a mix of both:


Look for lightweight lexan/polycarbonate bodies if optimizing for speed and acceleration. Heavier plastic bodies add weight for stability when bashing.


Low profile, raked buggy bodies generate downforce while reducing drag for high speed runs. Stadium truck and short course bodies are less aerodynamic.


Thick polycarbonate bodies withstand abuse when bashing. Thin lexan bodies dent easier but provide better performance.

Think about how you drive and then pick the right body accordingly. Light and sleek for racing, thick and rugged for bashing.

Tips for Painting Bodies

Painting a blank body is one of the most fun ways to personalize your Infraction. Here are some quick tips:

  • Clean the body fully before painting
  • Use high quality hobby-specific spray paints
  • Hang or mask off the body to avoid overspray
  • Apply light coats to avoid drips and thick paint buildup
  • Include decals and finishing details like clearcoat
  • Take your time for best results!


The Arrma Infraction is a beast of an RC platform that can accommodate many wheelbase lengths and body styles. From short course and stadium trucks to sleek racing buggies and menacing pro trucks, you can pick the perfect look while matching the chassis dimensions. Use the wheelbase range, mounting tips, and performance considerations in this guide to find the right balance of style, fitment, and function. Then make it your own with custom paint or graphics. Your tricked out Infraction will definitely stand out at any track or bash spot!


What are the main body styles that fit the Infraction?

The most common compatible body styles are short course trucks, buggies, stadium trucks, and pro trucks. These all fit the 18.5 inch wheelbase well and provide good tire clearance.

Do Traxxas Slash bodies fit?

Most Slash short course bodies will not fit properly due to being designed for a shorter 1/10 scale wheelbase. There may be some wider Slash bodies that extend the wheelbase enough but an exact fit is unlikely.

What is the best body material for racing vs bashing?

For racing, opt for bodies made from thin lexan or polycarbonate to save weight and improve acceleration/top speed. For hardcore bashing, thicker and more rigid plastics can withstand crashes better.

What is the easiest way to mount a body?

Utilize the included body mounts on the Infraction chassis. Apply the adhesives or clips to secure the body posts in place, then test fit the body without cutting at first. This allows you to check alignment and clearance before final trimming.

Should I paint the inside of a clear body?

It’s highly recommended to paint the inside of clear bodies. This gives a nice finished look if any sections of the outside paint get scratched off from crashes or scrapes. Use hobby-specific RC spray paints and create your own scheme.

What wheels and tires work best with various bodies?

Larger diameter rims and low-profile tires complement the sleek look of racing bodies like buggies. More aggressive bash tires work better with truck bodies. Soft dirt tires or paddles excel on stadium truck and short course bodies.

How do I get professional looking paint jobs?

Take your time, use quality paints, properly mask off sections, and apply light coats for a pro finish. Incorporate decals and designs. A clear top coat protects it. Airbrushing allows for amazing artistic designs.

What bodies offer the best durability?

Look for thick, impact-resistant polycarbonate material from brands like RPM. This withstands abrasion in crashes better than thin bodies. Avoid stylish lexan bodies if prioritizing durability over looks.

What other upgrades complement a body change?

After a new body, consider brighter LED lights to show it off. Suspension upgrades like a sway bar kit also improve handling. Lower profile tires mount better in wheel wells. Little details like grilles and mirrors enhance scale realism.