Calculating the Right Pinion Size

Key Takeaways Introduction The pinion gear is a key component in RC vehicles that meshes with the spur gear to transfer power from the motor to the wheels. Selecting the proper pinion size for your vehicle and motor setup impacts important performance characteristics like speed, acceleration, torque, and drivetrain efficiency. The needs of your driving … Read more

Differential Fluid Performance in RC Vehicles

In RC vehicles, changing differential fluid weight and viscosity dramatically impacts handling and acceleration. Properly tuning front, center, and rear differentials provides maximum control and traction for racing applications. This guide covers how differential fluids work and how to optimize configurations for any track. Key Takeaways on RC Differential Fluids Differential tuning allows customizing power … Read more

RC Diff Oil Explained

RC vehicles come equipped with three differentials, typically one at the front, center, and rear. This means that the RC vehicle is a four-wheel drive and can transmit power to all four tires. The internal workings of the differentials are bevel gear types, known as spider gears, that allow power to be transmitted as needed. … Read more

How To Set Proper Steering Servo Endpoints

How To Set Proper Steering Servo Endpoints

How To Set Proper Steering Servo Endpoints: Setting proper steering servo endpoints is an important part of maintaining and optimizing the performance of your radio control vehicle. Improper endpoints can affect the handling and responsiveness of the steering, which can make the vehicle difficult to control and may even cause accidents. In this post, we’ll … Read more

Can you Drive a Nitro RC in the Rain

Can You Drive Nitro RC Cars In The Rain? This article is about whether you can drive a nitro RC car in the rain or not. It covers some tips on how to avoid having your RC car get wet and what to do if it does get wet. What is a nitro RC car? … Read more